Informational Needs Survey

Over the past few months, we have only been able to answer a small percentage of the hundreds of questions that have been submitted. As a result, we are currently compiling responses to general questions for posting on the CereBel Lupus Resource Center Website.

Many visitors have asked if medical consultation services are available over the Internet. In order to respond to these requests and determine if the need for such a service justifies the expense of creating it, we would like to ask your input. Please take a few minues to answer these questions. In return, we will inform you when new Lupus-related information is posted to this Website. Thank you for your participation.

On whose behalf are you researching Lupus on the Internet?

Have/Do you (or the person indicated above):

If you (or other person) have been definitely diagnosed, how long ago
were you diagnosed?

If you (or other person) have not yet been diagnosed, have you sought medical
care for the suspicious, Lupus-like symptoms you are currently experiencing?

Why are you researching Lupus on the Internet?

Do you make regular use of a Lupus and/or healthcare related website/email?
    If so, what website? 

How useful have you found the Internet for learning about medical conditions?

How useful have you found this Lupus website (and Clincal Overview)?

Would you subscribe to a monthly newsletter about Lupus?

Would you pay for second opinion and/or medical consultation with
a Lupus specialist through the Interent?

Please RANK the following topics according to your INTEREST:
                           Most  | Second | Third  | Fourth  |  Fifth
Diagnosis                      |      |     |      |    
Current Treatment Mehtods      |      |     |      |    
Treatment Research             |      |     |      |    
Cure Research                  |      |     |      |    
Lifestyle Advice               |      |     |      |    

What is the most you would pay for an electronic newsletter covering
these topics?

What is the most you would pay for 6 months of individualized medical
consulation through the Internet?

Have you ever paid for specific access to a website or email service?
  yes   no

How long have you been using the Internet?
   years (use decimals for months)

How would you describe your Internet use?
What question would you like answered? (please be concise)

General comments, suggestions, feedback.
Name  Age  Gender 
Email  City, State, Country 

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Thank you for participating. We will inform you when new Lupus-related information or assistance services are available.
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