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Can you be tested for lupus and it be negative, then later develop lupus and test positive?

It may be possible to initially test negative for lupus with the screening blood test knwon as ANA and for it to be positive at a late date, but this is unusual in that most persons with condition will be positive when tested if symptoms of the disease ae already present. This is supported by research published in the New England Journal of Medicine which demonstrated in banked blood from women who wnet ontyo develop lupus that 3, 2 and 1 year before diagnoses the laboratory blood tests were already abnormal and positive for ANA, anticardiolipin, anti-Ro, anti-La, RNP, SM and anti-DsDNA.

It will be better if you could do an ANA profile + anti dsDNA and antiRo serum tested.
ANA test is positive for more than 95% of SLE cases. ANA negative lupus is very rare , such patients have positive anti ds.DNA or anti Ro . If all the above are negative lupus can be ruled out. . But in many cases these tests get positive about one to two years after onset of symptoms. Hence testing has to be repeated, to confirmly rule out lupus.

1.malar or discoid rash . Reddish raised patches over the cheeks.
2.photosensitivity. Exposure to uv light causes rash
3.oral and nasal ulcers
4.tenderness and swelling of two or more joints.
5.pleuritis of lung
Pericarditis of heart
6.urine protein of more than 0.5 g /dl
7.seizures or psychosis without other causes.
8.anemia.or decreased white blood cells.
9.anti.dsDNA, anti Sm, anti phospholipid
10. Abnormal ANA levels.
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