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I get a rash on my legs that looks like ringworm, but that my doctor thinks is lupus. What kind of lupus can this be?

Ringworm is the lay term for tinea corporis and is caused by yeast or fungal infection of the skin. These lesions can appear somewhat similar to discoid lupus or subacute cutaneous lupus. Ringworm can be daignosed by a physician who performs a scraping of the lesion (add KOH to destroy the top layer of keratinocyte skin cells and looks for yeast under the microcope). On the hand, a frank biopsy of the skin can diagnose lupus of the skin or confirm ringworm. The proper diagnosis is important as the treatments are different although there are topical over the counter and presciption medications which can be used empirically to treat ringworm; if the skin heals with such treatment the diagnosis can then be inferred to have been ringworm. If, on the otherhand, the abnormal skin persists then a definitive diagnosis is required.

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