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I tested positive on a Urine test for Marijuana and I have never smoked or been around anyone who does. I am on quite a few Prescription durgs for several Health issues, and several are quite potent Pain Meds in all I am on 15 seperate Meds beter than half of those I take several times a day. Is it possible that a combination of these meds may have caused a false Positive. I need help here otherwise I am going to suffer due to the fact that I won't be able to get several of my pain meds. Can anyone tell me what I can do here??

There are more than 250 over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that could cause a false positive for a marijuana drug test. Filling out the lab test form to include over the counter medications that cause the same positive results as the illegal drug that might be consumed would be a good idea If a positive result occurs on the test, a basis will have been laid for an appeal.

The medicines that you've been taking could have contributed to the urine test. It was probably a false positive. Good Luck!

I don't think any of your meds contain marijuana, therefore, they can't cause a false positive, even if you mix them together. You can't get marijuana or cocain by mixing several drugs. I would tell you to talk about it to your doctor, only he knows for sure what you have to do.

Sometimes they display a false positive. Tell them to send it to the lab. When they find that there is actually no THC in your system, they will have to cover the cost of the lab analysis.

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