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I need to know the amount of baking soda to take, how long befor the drug test should i take the baking soda, and do i have to pee a certain amount of times befor i take my u.a.

I have to report tomorrow and need a quick way to pass a drug test with Meth in it.

i have to see my po today , i have to take a ua and i need to know if baking soda will clear me f from meth. yesterday i drank 2tbsp. of baking soda and water, today i drank another will i be able to pass my ua , without having to worry/

I weigh approx. 180lb. I drink 1 heaping tsp. per cup of water, then drink 8 oz. of water. Wait 1/2
hr. repeat the step again, then wait another 1/2 hr and repeat the step for the last time. You should then drink about another 8 oz. and urinate at least 2 times take a multi vitamin to add color to you
urine. The best thing to drink after this is ice t with no sugar and try not to urinate no more than a
total of 4 times before yor test. This has about a 4 to 5 hr window. Those who cannot drink baking
soda water wrap the baking soda up in tissue paper and swallow them has the same effect. I have
never failed a drug test for probation once in 4 yrs using this tequnique. So good luck.

how much do i need of baking soda to pass a u.a. for meth

can i pass a drug test for meth using baking soda

I need to know the amount of baking soda to take, how long befor the drug test should i take the baking soda, and do i have to pee a certain amount of times befor i take my u.a.

Will baking soda help you pass you a drug test for meth?

This is the best way to pass a drug test:
Do a 3-4 day modified fast (1000-2000 cals/d), very low carb and high protein. This gets recent fat stores mobilized to rid the body of current lipophilic drugs (THC, steroid esters, etc..) followed by a serious 48hrs carb load leading up to test. The carb up ensures you are burning glucose and storing fat at the time of the test and not excreting it, so a calorie surplus is required. Also, you do not want to drink too many fluids if you didn't fast because this can actually concentrate lipophilics in the urine, not dilute them! Diuretics can only dilute water soluble drugs or lipophilics that can form water soluble salt (stims like amphetamine or ephedrine). If you have used a a stim recently, you can acidify your urine with ammonium chloride, aspirin or vitamin C for a day or two kinda like the lipophilic protocol, then make sure your urine is basic when you take the test. A teaspoon of baking soda is a cheap way to do this and works well. This makes the stim clear out fast by forced acid diuresis before the test and hold on to any stims still left in your system during the test period so they are temporarily not excreted, just in case some were still in your system. Otherwise high water intake is good if you fasted properly and don't forget to take creatine. The monohydrate works at about 1g/50lbs of body weight. More than that will show an abnormal result and automatically get further testing or dismissed completely as a positive sample, but if your urine is too diluted, it will fail for low creatinine values and test bad too, so you need a little creatine for sure. Plus, take a B-complex to make sure your urine looks yellow. This will make it look concentrated and dilution will not be suspected, even if electrolyte values are low. If the urine is too light, it will fail visual inspection automatically before it can even be tested.

I've passed dozens of urine tests over the years, even doing stuff to the very night before in several cases (that was stupid though and I don't recommend it) plus I worked in a lab for about 2.5 years were I could test myself constantly so I gathered a good bit of data from personal experiments. However, if you're on Deca or Laurabolin, you better say your prayers too, because the metabolites are detectable at very low levels and can persist for over a year. In that case, the fast is the best shot you have, or a masking agent. Orals usually clear fast though (a week or two).

3 & 1/2 tablespoons

I don't know if you can PASS a drug test by drinking sodium bicarbonate in water, but I do know that it does keep your body from metabolizing methamphetamines. It impedes the RAPID elimination of amphetamines through the urine, not stops it completely. Sorry pal, you're busted.

take 2 tablespoons two hours after your last use and then drink at least a liter of water pee once and your second pee willbe clean works for up to 5 hours after ingestion

I weigh 200 lbs and i use a tablespoon and a half 1 hr before UA, with no more than 12 ounces of water. Dont drink more... You can drink some juice or pop after, i drink orange juice. You need to pee 2 times b4 UA and it is only good for 2 hrs

According to Google, drinking baking soda will make your stomach explode!` It will rip the lining of your stomach.

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